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Kidz Watch is dedicated to providing you with the childcare services you need while paying special attention to what your children need! Each child is important to us and we want their experience to be a positive one. We strive to provide a loving, caring environment for each child. We understand how it takes a community to raise a child….let Kidz Watch be a part of your community! We are here to help!

Center Design

Kidz Watch has been carefully designed to provide a safe and secure environment for children, focusing on security and peace of mind for parents. Each age group has their own specified classroom and lead teacher. With an open floorplan and several windows into the classrooms, parents can see their children as they play and participate in exciting activities. Children are encouraged to participate in the curriculum we have planned for them.

Our facility has been designed for optimum safety. A front door lock system allows only parents and guardians of children into the center. The door is locked at all times. Background checks are done on all staff members. We also have a biometrics reader and all parents and staff are required to log in to the center using their fingerprints. All parents and possible pick up people are also fingerprinted and photographed into our software system. Safety is our top priority!

Core Values…The Kidz Watch Difference


Maintaining an extremely clean facility is a vital component of Kidz Watch’s core beliefs concerning childcare. Children are required to wash their hands when entering and exiting Kidz Watch’s facility, and regularly throughout their stay. The daily toy-cleaning system at Kidz Watch is thorough and strictly enforced. Kidz Watch’s sanitation practices meet and surpass anything set forth by the state and the Red Cross. Teaching healthy habits is an important part of our curriculum for staff and children and is integrated into our daily programming.
In addition, Kidz Watch is a healthy environment. Sick children are not permitted to stay while they are ill.


Monitoring the safety of the children at Kidz Watch is paramount. The Kidz Watch safety philosophy is rooted in prevention and training, and all necessary steps are taken to ensure the safety and security of the children under our supervision. Safety measures include an exterior security door, fire alarm system, biometric fingerprint and photo check-in/out system for parents/children, and a safe-toy policy. Kidz Watch care givers are professionally trained to be alert and proactive when caring for children. All parents and pick up people are required to fully register into our software system using their fingerprints and photograph. You will love it!


According to acclaimed Swiss psychologist and philosopher, Jean Piaget, “play is a child’s work.” At Kidz Watch we understand that creativity and imagination at a young age are critical to development. Children have time to select free play activities as well as participate in regularly scheduled programs and classes.


Learning takes place in everything that children do, from social interacting with peers in a play environment, to a more structured and planned learning experience. Both types of interaction are necessary parts of early childhood development. Kidz Watch is proud of its Preschool and Toddler programs, designed to introduce children to various topics and aligns with state standards through themed units. We also offer Homework Club and provide assistance to children who need help with their homework as well as a quiet place to work.

*Reservations are only required for children under 18 months of age.

The Creative Curriculum® for Infants, Toddlers and Preschool

As you prepare children for success in school and life, it’s more important than ever to educate the whole child.

Research shows that a whole-child approach to education—one where children develop not only math and literacy skills but also social–emotional, physical, and cognitive skills—is developmentally appropriate and better prepares children for life well beyond their time in a classroom.


The Creative Curriculum® for Infants, Toddlers and Preschool is one of the most widely used pre-K curricula in the nation. It’s comprehensive, research-based, research-proven, and it features exploration and discovery as a way of learning.

Foundation volumes help teachers create high-quality learning environments and support deep understanding of early childhood best practices, theories, and research. Robust Daily Resources provide the instructional tools and materials to engage children in project-based investigations and make every moment of the day meaningful, intentional, and engaging.

The Creative Curriculum® for Infants, Toddlers and Preschool is…

For more information on The Creative Curriculum and to see the research behind it, please visit https://teachingstrategies.com/solutions/teach/preschool/


For full-time or part-time, or hourly rate information please call or email us. Hourly rates are billed to the minute after a one-hour minimum charge.